Tips for renting a car in winter.

How to condition a rental car in winter?

When traveling in winter with cold snaps, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The main problem of this station is the low temperatures and adverse weather conditions that we can find on the road. For this reason, at Perfect Car Hire we want to offer you useful tips for renting a car in winter.

The winter conditioning package is designed to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and the car itself when driving through snowy or icy areas.

Among the tips for using the car in low temperature conditions, it is worth checking the vehicle, as well as knowing the weather conditions and the state of the roads, and being equipped with chains, an emergency first aid kit, a blanket, a charger mobile phone, water, and carry at least half a tank of fuel.

When driving in winter, it is recommended to increase the safety distance, avoid sudden braking, pay attention to the possibility of aquaplaning, and find out how to act if the car gets stuck in the snow.

What problems can I encounter if I park my rental car on the street in winter?

Starting difficulties: With patience, put the ignition key in the ignition position, the warning lights will come on and you will be able to use the electrical systems. As soon as the warning lights go out, put the key in the starting position, always stepping on the clutch so that the vehicle suffers less. If it does not start, we return the key to its initial position, wait a few seconds and start again. You should not force the car by trying continuously.

Sheet of ice on the windows: To remove all the ice from the windshield, windows, headlights, rear-view mirrors… you must use a plastic scraper. You should never use hot water because you could burst the glass. However, if you see that the windows are fogging up, use hot air and wait until they are completely demisted before starting and driving.

What driving problems can I encounter in winter?

Rain and fog on the road: Leave more space between your car and the one in front, reduce speed, turn on the corresponding lights, increase precautions and make sure that all the elements involved in visibility (windshield, wipers and wipers) are in place in perfect condition and clean.

Snow and ice on the road: these weather problems are treacherous and can cause the car to slip. Be patient, put the chains on the tires if necessary, increase the distance to the other cars even more and slow down.

Your rental car to travel in winter at Perfect Car Hire

Winter conditioning is optional. We recommend that when taking a rental car, ask about those accessories you need to facilitate driving in winter, such as snow chains and other elements such as ski racks, GPS, child seats, luggage chests, etc. etc…

The easiest is to request the winter equipment in advance (when making the reservation). At Perfect Car Hire we will advise you without obligation and we will prepare your rental vehicle so that your car is as comfortable as possible.

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