A getaway behind the wheel, the best gift for Father’s Day.

“Dad, you’ve earned it.”

Father’s Day is coming up and you still don’t know what to give him? From Perfect Car Hire we want you to have the best gift possible. Which? Time, emotions and fun on wheels with those who love you the most. We want you to say, “Dad, you’ve earned it.”

If, as always, the day has caught you unforeseen and you don’t feel like “eating your mind” in today’s blog we will tell you why a trip is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. If after so many years you no longer know what to give him, if you are looking for something special and that he will never forget, surely you are right with a trip.

How is your father? Or how are you as a son? Surely you are good enough to surprise him on March 19 with a gift of those that make the teardrop threaten to destroy his well-cared image of a tough guy that he has been cultivating for so many years. And what kind of gift are those that can cause such a reaction in him? Probably the ones that are more personal and go straight to the heart: time. And it is that now that we are grown up, we spend few moments with them and many favors that they continue to do us… The time has come to reward them!

Ride with your dad or have him drive his favorite car.

Take advantage of our available offers, which you can check on our Social Networks, and rent a car at Perfect Car Hire at the best price. Take your father to his hometown, or to that city that he misses so much, or to see a game, stadium or concert, that he has dreamed of so much. Share with him those experiences that are so important to him and make him remember them with you, with his loved one, show him that love is more than reciprocated. If you have a wonderful and incredible father, you want to surprise him and take him to some beautiful and special place, do not hesitate to rent your car and explore the world together with him.

Do you see your father very little because he lives far away? So there are no more excuses! Rent a car at Perfect Car Hire and meet him, spend his day with him and give him the best of surprises.

This gift can be the beginning for the ultimate family trip, for you to take that little getaway in order to find yourself that you need so much or, if you are a car fanatic, to enjoy a top-of-the-range car for a few days higher than you may not be able to afford.

Analyzed and shelled the two options and you only have to choose which one will best suit the tastes of our proud parents. Good luck with the choice!

Pick up your car in Torrevieja or Alicante and go out to meet them. This Father’s Day… Get away at the best price with Perfect Car Hire!

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