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Renting a car in Los Montesinos, Almoradí, or Algorfa is the perfect way to enjoy your trip to the fullest, giving you the freedom to explore these beautiful destinations at your own pace.

From the serene beauty of Los Montesinos to the rich history of Almoradí and the stunning natural views of Algorfa, having a car at your disposal opens up a world of possibilities.

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Explore at your own pace

Los Montesinos, Almoradí, and Algorfa are full of places to discover. From pristine beaches to historical monuments and natural landscapes, having a car allows you to explore these hidden treasures at your own pace.

What to see and do in Almoradí?

In Almoradí, a charming agricultural town south of the province of Alicante, there is much to see and do for those wishing to explore its cultural and natural riches. Among its points of interest are:

Church of San Andrés: The main church of Almoradí, rebuilt in 1861, with two separate towers and a Sacred Heart of Jesus at the top of the building.

Old Hospital of Almoradí: One of the oldest buildings in the town, currently housing the Central Automatic County Telephones, the Public Library, and the Peace Court.

– Azud de Alfeitamí: A 16th-century irrigation work that irrigates almost 2,500 hectares, benefiting not only Almoradí but also other Valencian cities.

– Cortés Theater: The main cultural reference of Almoradí, with neoclassical style and capacity for more than 480 people.

– The Segura River: It crosses the region and has been vital for the development of numerous populations dedicated to agriculture along its course.

The orchard: An extensive cultivation area where various products are planted, perfect for exploring and enjoying the landscape.

Casino: A cultural center inaugurated in 1882, which has been the scene of important social meetings and cultural events.

Water Court of Azud de Alfeitamí: An institution in charge of distributing and managing the irrigation waters of the area.

Chapel of Calle España: A restored building used for exhibitions, cultural events, and masses.

The local cuisine stands out for the combination of sea and orchard ingredients, with the artichoke being an essential component of many recipes, such as artichokes with octopus and paella.

To reach Almoradí, the town has access from the AP-7 motorway and is close to the coast of Alicante, with nearby airports in San Javier and El Altet, and train stations in Albatera Catral and Callosa de Segura.

What to see and do in Algorfa?

Algorfa is a picturesque town in the province of Alicante that offers a rich mix of culture, history, and natural landscapes to explore. Among the main attractions and activities in Algorfa and its surroundings, you can enjoy:

РPlaza de Espa̱a: The heart of the town, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the local atmosphere.
– Church of San Andrés Apóstol: A beautiful 18th-century church known for its neoclassical architecture.
– The Mill of Algorfa: An old, restored flour mill that offers panoramic views and a window to the region’s agricultural tradition.
– The Bridge of Algorfa: A historic bridge that offers beautiful views of the Segura River.
– The House of Culture: A cultural center that hosts art exhibitions, events, and activities for all ages.

– Natural Park of La Mata and Torrevieja: A short distance away, this natural park offers lagoons, sand dunes, and a diverse flora and fauna.
– La Finca Golf Course: For golf enthusiasts, this 18-hole golf course offers challenges and impressive views.
– Algorfa Market: A weekly market where you can find fresh products, local crafts, and more.
– Hiking routes: Explore the surrounding nature through well-marked trails.
– Nearby beaches: Enjoy the sun and sea at beaches such as Guardamar del Segura, Torrevieja, or La Mata.

These activities and sites offer an authentic and relaxing experience, showcasing the rich culture and beauty of Algorfa. In addition to these recommendations, the area is surrounded by other charming towns and cultural and historical places of interest, further expanding the options for exploration.

What to see and do in Los Montesinos?

The proximity of Los Montesinos to other points of interest makes it an excellent starting point for exploring the Vega Baja del Segura region. Los Montesinos stands out for its tranquility and for being a place where you can enjoy the local Spanish life.

Around the town, you’ll find various options for eating and staying, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a more authentic and less touristy experience.

Additionally, due to its location, Los Montesinos offers easy access to several points of interest in the region:

Benijófar and Formentera del Segura: Small towns with local charm and tradition.

San Miguel de Salinas: Known for its landscape and nature.

Rojales: Where you can visit the Archaeological-Paleontological Museum and the Church of San Pedro Apóstol.

Torrevieja: A coastal city with beaches, the Natural Park of Las Lagunas de La Mata y Torrevieja, and a vibrant nightlife.

The region is ideal for outdoor activities, such as hiking and cycling, thanks to its beautiful natural landscape.

Moreover, the proximity to the coast allows for beach days and water activities in nearby locations like Torrevieja. For those interested in golf, the area around Los Montesinos features several renowned golf courses, offering a great option for golf enthusiasts.

The price of car rental in Los Montesinos will depend on the number of days you wish to rent the car. Our rates range between €20 and €30 per day depending on the type of vehicle you choose.

The requirements for car rental in Almoradí are straightforward. You only need to provide us with your personal details, be of legal age, and have a driving license.

The minimum age to enjoy our car rental services in Algorfa is 18 years, which is the legal age of adulthood in Spain.

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