Advantages of renting a car at Easter

Rental car holidays

Still wondering why renting a car on vacation is a good idea? Here are the best advantages of renting a car for Easter that will leave you without any doubt.

Travel comfort: driving your own car allows you to organize your trip with schedules adapted to your pace. The safety of controlling the steering wheel and the freedom to make stops or deviate to improvise an unexpected route are just some of the comforts that car rental offers you.

Autonomy: depending on public transport during a trip implies the possible alteration of planned visits due to the loss of time waiting, schedules and during the journey itself. Car rental on vacation allows you to make all the visits at the time you need, without waiting, with the option of improvising and getting where you want.

Save time and money on your trips: the time you use during transportation when you go on a trip makes a difference. During a trip you don’t want to spend most of your time looking at bus and metro timetables and stops, thus limiting the options on your routes. Car rental on vacation allows you to save time and decide what you want to do and when. In addition, being the only transport you will need, you will only have to worry about a single payment so that you can use it for everything.

Travel for adventurers with rental minivans: travel in a spacious and comfortable space, go where you could not go with other vehicles. The minivan rental, due to the weight of these cars, offers you maximum safety behind the wheel, the possibility of driving on any type of road and, of course, maximum space and comfort. If you like the countryside, historical routes, or simply want to travel with maximum comfort, renting a minivan is for you.


Keys to a happy trip

At Perfect Car Hire we know the importance of leisure for our clients, and the Easter holidays are short but intense. With the arrival of good weather they get more excited, so we leave you the three keys to take into account when you rent your car on vacation so that you have a happy trip to your destination.

Choose the time of departure and arrival well: for this we are going to choose not to leave during the first hour of the morning or at noon because they are the ones with the greatest agglomeration of cars. The best arrival time is not to set the time, so we will avoid stress and anxiety about arriving and we will have a more relaxed trip, avoiding aggressive driving at high speeds.

Choice of the type of road: 80% of traffic accidents occur on conventional roads, therefore it is advisable to use roads with high capacity, dual carriageways and motorways, since they have a higher degree of safety. One more recommendation, on arrival at our destination we will most likely have to drive in urban centers, our advice is to stop five minutes before entering the center to relax and enter more concentrated.

Driving without fatigue: the trip must begin having rested well and stop as many times as necessary at the slightest sign of fatigue. For this reason it is recommended not to travel as soon as you leave work, and if you do, you should stop to stretch your legs, freshen up and hydrate, preferably with a caffeinated soft drink.


Do not forget these keys to have a vacation to remember with a smile, and if you need to rent a car, remember that at Perfect Car Hire we have a wide variety of vehicles at the best price, with exclusive offers and the best conditions.

Ask us right now without obligation and enjoy the best trip!


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