Enjoy, surprise your partner and rent a car for Valentine’s Day.

Rent a car, the perfect plan for Valentine’s Day.

If you like cars, surprise trips and getaways, don’t hesitate to rent a car for Valentine’s Day.

A very good excuse happens that on Valentine’s Day you visit the small characteristic towns of this area of Levante or of the province of Alicante, characteristic for their monuments full of history and the blue of their Mediterranean beaches. There are many municipalities on this route that still have a castle or the remains of a castle! Alicante has a wide catalog of inland and coastal towns that will be the perfect setting for any romantic plan.

Or escape to the theaters and musicals of the capital, to the gastronomy of Murcia or the leisure of Valencia. Rent one of our high-end vehicles if you are in love with cars and want to drive for a couple of days with all the features, a small and functional car, that is easy to park in any city, an SUV for your more rural getaways or a minivan for your tents or surfboards. You choose the plan and the place with which to surprise your partner and at Perfect Car Hire we help you fulfill a dream!

We have the best prices and the best conditions so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Do you want ideas? We propose a route through the towns of Alicante.


Travel guides for a route by car through Alicante

In tourism terms, the province of Alicante is identified with the Costa Blanca tourism brand. That makes us think of beaches, coasts, beach bars, hotels… but Alicante has a whole coastline and an interior full of urban and natural surprises.

Beautiful towns, hidden coves, caves, waterfalls and a long etcetera. With this small travel guide we will drive through the province of Alicante, starting the tour in the capital.

  • What to see in Torrevieja and surroundings? When the good weather begins in its streets, that cosmopolitan atmosphere comes from all those tourists who, with their different and complicated languages, invade the quiet streets of Torrevieja with strange sounds. In addition to its fantastic climate, Torrevieja can boast of having some of the best beaches in the province of Alicante. From Perfect Car Hire we want to introduce you to other alternatives to spend your free time getting away from the sun and the beach for a few hours doing something different and enjoying the province at any time of the year.
  • 6 rural getaways in the interior of Alicante: We propose a route through the interior of Alicante where you will discover architectural treasures, stories and castles and historic centers that will surprise you with their beauty.

Don’t think twice and rent a car to enjoy a Valentine’s Day full of charm and adventure!

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