Find a public and cheap parking for your rental car.

One of the most common problems or cons that stop us when it comes to renting a car is where to park it while we are sightseeing, and we all know that there is nothing more exasperating than spending hours and hours going around the streets of the center of a city looking for parking. Sometimes you look for a place on the street, others even in a parking lot with a ‘free’ sign and where you don’t have to pay too much. If you don’t want to waste time and enjoy the experience and comfort of traveling by car, at Perfect Car Hire we recommend the following websites or applications.

Websites or applications to find free parking or public parking.

As we have already mentioned, moving to the center of a big city can be an adventure to park or find a space to leave the vehicle. Thanks to this post, traveling by car will now be easier.

Parkopedia: Parkopedia is a free application and has information on more than 60 million parking spaces in 75 countries around the world stored in its database. In addition to helping with the arduous task of finding a free space, the app provides information on public car parks, rates for private car parks that are within the search radius, or interesting filters such as whether the car park is indoors or outdoors, and if it is accepted. card or not.

E-Park: It is one of the most popular applications to find parking in regulated parking areas, thanks to the large amount of data it stores. In addition to indicating where there is a free space, the App allows you to pay from your mobile, without having to look for a parking meter. It also notifies us when the parking time is going to end so that we can renew it with a single click and forget about the clock and the possible fine.

Easypark: Locates the free spaces that are both on the street and in a car park. In addition, in both cases it allows you to make the payment from your mobile. It stands out because it offers very complete information in real time about the city and, in addition to having a wide presence in Spain, it operates in more than 900 European cities, so it is highly recommended for people who frequently travel abroad.

Parkifast: Very simple and quick to use. With a single click, it locates the free space in the nearest and most recent street and guides you with GPS towards it. It is an application in which all users contribute to optimizing public parking spaces. You do not need to notify when you leave a vacant place. Parkifast is capable of automatically detecting it without you even having to open the app, just having it installed. Also, don’t miss out on the new gas station price comparator, so you can always get gas at the best price!

ElParking: In addition to being an app to find parking with a presence in 100 Spanish cities and municipalities, ElParking offers a series of very interesting services for drivers. For example, users have the option to reserve a seat in advance and enter and exit it as many times as they need during the reservation time. From the mobile it allows you to know where you have parked, extend the time, finish the ticket manually, receive notifications or incorporate all the tickets in an invoice. Individuals can also share their parking space when they are not using it. It’s as simple as placing a device on the garage door so that drivers can open it from their mobile. Additionally, it has a valet parking service at the main airports and a gas station search engine.

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