Discover the best ‘Apps’ to find speed cameras on the roads.

We find radars on our roads and highways to remind us of the speed limits of each road in order to avoid accidents. That is why you have to respect the traffic regulations and, above all, the speed limits. What happens is that we are not exempt from a fine every time that, by mistake, we exceed the limit by just a few more kilometers per hour.

Now we can avoid scares in our economy by using one of the following speed camera detection applications that we can install on our Smartphone and that will notify us of the hundreds of fixed and mobile speed cameras that are located throughout the road network of our country.

Say goodbye to fines! Below we present the best free speed camera warning applications that you can install on your mobile that, in addition, offer other types of information, such as knowing the maximum speed of the road, traffic incidents, planning the route or locating the cheapest gas stations in area.

  • Waze is the most widely used social traffic and navigation application in the world, with millions of users reporting traffic incidents and speed camera locations in real time. It is the traffic application best valued by drivers and the most complete. In addition, it is completely free.
  • SocialDrive is presented as the alternative to Waze, another free social application in which its thousands of users are informed in real time about speed cameras and other incidents in your area to other drivers.
  • TomTom AmiGo also offers us a simple application to receive alerts from fixed and mobile speed cameras that cross our path. In addition, it also allows us to join its user community to alert other drivers of the new radars. The app is free.
  • Coyote also has a community of millions of users who exchange information in real time to report the situation of speed cameras, accidents and traffic jams. Coyote attempts to verify each alert with its proprietary technology to prevent false or inappropriate alerts. This radar warning device is paid. After the 15-day free trial, it asks us to subscribe to pay €8.99 per month, €49.99 per year, or €89.99 every two years.
  • Radarbot is another application that offers daily updates of fixed and mobile radars thanks to the notices of its user community. Drivers notify each other of incidents. The application is free to download but you will have to pay 5.99 euros to unlock all its functions.

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