Essential points to pay attention to in your rental car.

The responsibility and availability that renting a car entails means taking into account a series of aspects for its correct operation and use. At Perfect Car Hire we make sure that our fleet of cars comply with the regulations and are in optimal conditions, however, we give you some recommendations to keep in mind when you start your trip, especially if it lasts more than a week:

Wheels and tires:

Check that the pressures are correct and conform to what is specified by the manufacturer in the driver’s door frame table.

Check that the tires are wearing evenly, and that the tread depth is within safe limits.

Water and anticoagulant:

Always keep the maximum level of water in the different tanks of the car. The most important is the windshield wiper, which will prevent us from losing visibility in the event that the crystals suddenly get dirty.

Use specific liquids made up of detergents or antifreeze.

Driving license:

It will be easier and cheaper to rent a car if you have the maximum number of points on your driving license. In addition, it is mandatory to always carry it with you and be aware of its expiration date.


Always keep the level between the two marks on the dipstick, the ideal is not to mix several types of oil. If you don’t know which one to throw, ask the rental company or go to the workshop before any drop in level.


Check if all the lights are working properly. Be careful when handling the electrical systems, in case of doubt, go to the workshop.


Check that you have all the safety elements, marked by the Law, that they are in good condition and in the right place: Vest and approved triangles (CE). Always carry the vest inside the passenger compartment to be able to leave the vehicle with it on. And the triangles in the most accessible part of the trunk, especially that they are not under all the luggage.


Make sure if your vehicle works with Diesel or Gasoline and try to keep the level always at the maximum, that will improve the weight balance of your vehicle. Keeping track of consumption (liters / Kms) helps to know if the vehicle consumes efficiently.

At Perfect Car Hire we hope that you take these recommendations into account with your vehicles and enjoy safer and more efficient driving.

If you rent any of our vehicles and have any questions about these recommendations, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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