The best routes in Alicante to travel by car.

Alicante is a city located on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, known for its beaches, its gastronomy and its warm and sunny climate. If you are planning to visit this city or get to know the province in depth, one of the best ways to explore it is by car.

It is, without a doubt, the most comfortable and safe option. You can take everything you need with you without having to worry about weight or space, and you can travel with the security of knowing that you will have a safe and reliable means of transport.

In this article, we will tell you the reasons why you should consider touring Alicante by car and discover its most spectacular towns and routes.


Why visit Alicante by car?

First of all, although it is not a very large province, getting around by car can be the key that allows you to see different places in the same day. Otherwise, if you have to get anywhere by public transport, you will have to dedicate more time to travel, since you will have to adapt to the schedules and routes of the public transport you choose.

In addition, renting a car in Alicante will also give you the opportunity to visit other nearby places such as the Albufera Natural Park, in the province of Valencia. You can even go by car to the north of the Spanish Levant and explore some of the incredible routes through Castellón by car. Do not forget that with a rental car you can also visit the most beautiful towns in Alicante or take a route through the best beaches on the Costa Blanca.

Routes by car along the best beaches of the Costa Blanca

Although it is a relatively short route and you could do it in one day, we recommend that you divide it into several days. We will start the route in Denia, where you can visit the castle and discover Playa de Les Marines, one of its best beaches. Having breakfast in a restaurant on the seafront can be a very good way to start your route by car through the best beaches on the Costa Blanca.

We will continue our route to Jávea, where you cannot miss the Portitxol and Granadella coves, perfect for practicing water sports such as kayaking or diving and taking the most spectacular photos as if it were an Ibizan setting.

The next stop will be Calpe, where we recommend that you visit the Peñón de Ifach, it is a great excursion to do on a day that is not too hot. Do not miss the haggling of seafood and a good rice on the shores of the port.

You can end that day enjoying Altea and its incredible beaches, since they are only a short distance away. Fall in love with its cobbled streets and its blue-domed church as you stroll at night between balconies loaded with art and street lights.

The next day, set out for the last two stops on this route by car through the best beaches on the Costa Blanca. Benidorm, where you will enjoy the most international atmosphere, the English pubs and free will and end the day in Villajoyosa, among colored houses and the calm of Playa de l’Amerador and Illeta dels Banyets.


Route by car through the most beautiful castles of Alicante

The other route that we recommend you do by car is a route through the most beautiful castles in Alicante. First of all, if you have picked up your rental car at Alicante airport, we will start by visiting the Castle of Santa Bárbara, located within the city. You can even go to the door of the castle by car, since parking is free.

After the visit, we will go to Onil, where we will visit the Fortress Palace of the Marqués de dos Aguas. Later, we will continue the route by car through the most beautiful castles in Alicante towards Castalla Castle. This area is also ideal for hiking, so you can also take an excursion through the mountains.

Although it is a route by car that, without stopping, would cost you less than 3 hours, we recommend that you travel this route by car through Alicante on different days to enjoy it much more. The next stop on our route will be the Castillo de Biar, and later the Castillo de la Atalaya in Villena.

Finally, the last three castles on our route by car will be the Castle of Sax, the Castle of Petrer and finally the Castle of la Mola and the Sanctuary of La Magdalena, in the town of Novelda.

Soak up history and enjoy the best viewpoints and their spectacular views!

Castalla Castle
Castalla Castle

The best hiking trails in the province of Alicante

The province of Alicante has a wide variety of hiking routes that will allow you to discover some of the most spectacular landscapes in the region. Drive to the starting point, park in the free parking spaces and discover the best natural landscapes.

1. Barranc de l’Infern Route: This route, located in the Marina Alta region, is one of the most spectacular in the province. The route runs through a deep ravine surrounded by cliffs and waterfalls, offering impressive views of the landscape.

2. Cima del Montgó Route: The top of Montgó is one of the highest points in the Marina Alta region, and offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean coast. The route, which is physically demanding, runs along steep paths and through pine and holm oak forests.

3. Tibi Reservoir Route: This route, located in the interior of the province, runs through the Tibi reservoir and offers impressive views of the mountain landscape. The trail is easy and accessible for all levels.

4. Route of the Cova Tallada: The Cova Tallada is a cave located in the Marina Alta region that has impressive rock formations and natural pools. The route runs along a coastal path that will take you to the cave, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters.

5. Barranc dels Tarongers Route: This route, located in the Marina Baixa region, runs through a ravine surrounded by cliffs and caves. The trail offers spectacular views of the Mediterranean coastline and is ideal for nature and adventure lovers.

Barranc de l'Infern
Barranc de l’Infern

The best rental car in Alicante with Perfect Car Hire

In addition, a large number of national and international tourists choose Alicante as the destination to spend their holidays every year, since in a small territory you can find the best of the coast and the interior in a single province. For this reason, renting a car in Alicante has become a fundamental and indispensable part of the trip if you really want to enjoy the surroundings to the fullest and not miss any corner.

As you can see, renting a car to cover two of the best driving routes in Alicante is a plan that cannot be missing on your next vacation. In addition, at Perfect Car Hire we want the experience with your rental car to be as easy and comfortable as possible, which is why we are at your disposal at all times, from the beginning of the reservation process, during the rental period and until you return the vehicle.

If you plan the route with the help of the routes that we have proposed, you will be able to estimate the time that you will need for all the routes and you may decide to add an additional driver to your rental car reservation in Alicante. In this way, driving will be more enjoyable for you and you will be able to rest while the other person drives.

Enjoy our prices, promotions and advantages. Contact us and get ready to live your best getaway behind the wheel.

Advantages of renting a car at Easter

Rental car holidays

Still wondering why renting a car on vacation is a good idea? Here are the best advantages of renting a car for Easter that will leave you without any doubt.

Travel comfort: driving your own car allows you to organize your trip with schedules adapted to your pace. The safety of controlling the steering wheel and the freedom to make stops or deviate to improvise an unexpected route are just some of the comforts that car rental offers you.

Autonomy: depending on public transport during a trip implies the possible alteration of planned visits due to the loss of time waiting, schedules and during the journey itself. Car rental on vacation allows you to make all the visits at the time you need, without waiting, with the option of improvising and getting where you want.

Save time and money on your trips: the time you use during transportation when you go on a trip makes a difference. During a trip you don’t want to spend most of your time looking at bus and metro timetables and stops, thus limiting the options on your routes. Car rental on vacation allows you to save time and decide what you want to do and when. In addition, being the only transport you will need, you will only have to worry about a single payment so that you can use it for everything.

Travel for adventurers with rental minivans: travel in a spacious and comfortable space, go where you could not go with other vehicles. The minivan rental, due to the weight of these cars, offers you maximum safety behind the wheel, the possibility of driving on any type of road and, of course, maximum space and comfort. If you like the countryside, historical routes, or simply want to travel with maximum comfort, renting a minivan is for you.


Keys to a happy trip

At Perfect Car Hire we know the importance of leisure for our clients, and the Easter holidays are short but intense. With the arrival of good weather they get more excited, so we leave you the three keys to take into account when you rent your car on vacation so that you have a happy trip to your destination.

Choose the time of departure and arrival well: for this we are going to choose not to leave during the first hour of the morning or at noon because they are the ones with the greatest agglomeration of cars. The best arrival time is not to set the time, so we will avoid stress and anxiety about arriving and we will have a more relaxed trip, avoiding aggressive driving at high speeds.

Choice of the type of road: 80% of traffic accidents occur on conventional roads, therefore it is advisable to use roads with high capacity, dual carriageways and motorways, since they have a higher degree of safety. One more recommendation, on arrival at our destination we will most likely have to drive in urban centers, our advice is to stop five minutes before entering the center to relax and enter more concentrated.

Driving without fatigue: the trip must begin having rested well and stop as many times as necessary at the slightest sign of fatigue. For this reason it is recommended not to travel as soon as you leave work, and if you do, you should stop to stretch your legs, freshen up and hydrate, preferably with a caffeinated soft drink.


Do not forget these keys to have a vacation to remember with a smile, and if you need to rent a car, remember that at Perfect Car Hire we have a wide variety of vehicles at the best price, with exclusive offers and the best conditions.

Ask us right now without obligation and enjoy the best trip!


A getaway behind the wheel, the best gift for Father’s Day.

“Dad, you’ve earned it.”

Father’s Day is coming up and you still don’t know what to give him? From Perfect Car Hire we want you to have the best gift possible. Which? Time, emotions and fun on wheels with those who love you the most. We want you to say, “Dad, you’ve earned it.”

If, as always, the day has caught you unforeseen and you don’t feel like “eating your mind” in today’s blog we will tell you why a trip is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. If after so many years you no longer know what to give him, if you are looking for something special and that he will never forget, surely you are right with a trip.

How is your father? Or how are you as a son? Surely you are good enough to surprise him on March 19 with a gift of those that make the teardrop threaten to destroy his well-cared image of a tough guy that he has been cultivating for so many years. And what kind of gift are those that can cause such a reaction in him? Probably the ones that are more personal and go straight to the heart: time. And it is that now that we are grown up, we spend few moments with them and many favors that they continue to do us… The time has come to reward them!

Ride with your dad or have him drive his favorite car.

Take advantage of our available offers, which you can check on our Social Networks, and rent a car at Perfect Car Hire at the best price. Take your father to his hometown, or to that city that he misses so much, or to see a game, stadium or concert, that he has dreamed of so much. Share with him those experiences that are so important to him and make him remember them with you, with his loved one, show him that love is more than reciprocated. If you have a wonderful and incredible father, you want to surprise him and take him to some beautiful and special place, do not hesitate to rent your car and explore the world together with him.

Do you see your father very little because he lives far away? So there are no more excuses! Rent a car at Perfect Car Hire and meet him, spend his day with him and give him the best of surprises.

This gift can be the beginning for the ultimate family trip, for you to take that little getaway in order to find yourself that you need so much or, if you are a car fanatic, to enjoy a top-of-the-range car for a few days higher than you may not be able to afford.

Analyzed and shelled the two options and you only have to choose which one will best suit the tastes of our proud parents. Good luck with the choice!

Pick up your car in Torrevieja or Alicante and go out to meet them. This Father’s Day… Get away at the best price with Perfect Car Hire!

Enjoy, surprise your partner and rent a car for Valentine’s Day.

Rent a car, the perfect plan for Valentine’s Day.

If you like cars, surprise trips and getaways, don’t hesitate to rent a car for Valentine’s Day.

A very good excuse happens that on Valentine’s Day you visit the small characteristic towns of this area of Levante or of the province of Alicante, characteristic for their monuments full of history and the blue of their Mediterranean beaches. There are many municipalities on this route that still have a castle or the remains of a castle! Alicante has a wide catalog of inland and coastal towns that will be the perfect setting for any romantic plan.

Or escape to the theaters and musicals of the capital, to the gastronomy of Murcia or the leisure of Valencia. Rent one of our high-end vehicles if you are in love with cars and want to drive for a couple of days with all the features, a small and functional car, that is easy to park in any city, an SUV for your more rural getaways or a minivan for your tents or surfboards. You choose the plan and the place with which to surprise your partner and at Perfect Car Hire we help you fulfill a dream!

We have the best prices and the best conditions so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Do you want ideas? We propose a route through the towns of Alicante.


Travel guides for a route by car through Alicante

In tourism terms, the province of Alicante is identified with the Costa Blanca tourism brand. That makes us think of beaches, coasts, beach bars, hotels… but Alicante has a whole coastline and an interior full of urban and natural surprises.

Beautiful towns, hidden coves, caves, waterfalls and a long etcetera. With this small travel guide we will drive through the province of Alicante, starting the tour in the capital.

  • What to see in Torrevieja and surroundings? When the good weather begins in its streets, that cosmopolitan atmosphere comes from all those tourists who, with their different and complicated languages, invade the quiet streets of Torrevieja with strange sounds. In addition to its fantastic climate, Torrevieja can boast of having some of the best beaches in the province of Alicante. From Perfect Car Hire we want to introduce you to other alternatives to spend your free time getting away from the sun and the beach for a few hours doing something different and enjoying the province at any time of the year.
  • 6 rural getaways in the interior of Alicante: We propose a route through the interior of Alicante where you will discover architectural treasures, stories and castles and historic centers that will surprise you with their beauty.

Don’t think twice and rent a car to enjoy a Valentine’s Day full of charm and adventure!

Tips for renting a car in winter.

How to condition a rental car in winter?

When traveling in winter with cold snaps, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The main problem of this station is the low temperatures and adverse weather conditions that we can find on the road. For this reason, at Perfect Car Hire we want to offer you useful tips for renting a car in winter.

The winter conditioning package is designed to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers and the car itself when driving through snowy or icy areas.

Among the tips for using the car in low temperature conditions, it is worth checking the vehicle, as well as knowing the weather conditions and the state of the roads, and being equipped with chains, an emergency first aid kit, a blanket, a charger mobile phone, water, and carry at least half a tank of fuel.

When driving in winter, it is recommended to increase the safety distance, avoid sudden braking, pay attention to the possibility of aquaplaning, and find out how to act if the car gets stuck in the snow.

What problems can I encounter if I park my rental car on the street in winter?

Starting difficulties: With patience, put the ignition key in the ignition position, the warning lights will come on and you will be able to use the electrical systems. As soon as the warning lights go out, put the key in the starting position, always stepping on the clutch so that the vehicle suffers less. If it does not start, we return the key to its initial position, wait a few seconds and start again. You should not force the car by trying continuously.

Sheet of ice on the windows: To remove all the ice from the windshield, windows, headlights, rear-view mirrors… you must use a plastic scraper. You should never use hot water because you could burst the glass. However, if you see that the windows are fogging up, use hot air and wait until they are completely demisted before starting and driving.

What driving problems can I encounter in winter?

Rain and fog on the road: Leave more space between your car and the one in front, reduce speed, turn on the corresponding lights, increase precautions and make sure that all the elements involved in visibility (windshield, wipers and wipers) are in place in perfect condition and clean.

Snow and ice on the road: these weather problems are treacherous and can cause the car to slip. Be patient, put the chains on the tires if necessary, increase the distance to the other cars even more and slow down.

Your rental car to travel in winter at Perfect Car Hire

Winter conditioning is optional. We recommend that when taking a rental car, ask about those accessories you need to facilitate driving in winter, such as snow chains and other elements such as ski racks, GPS, child seats, luggage chests, etc. etc…

The easiest is to request the winter equipment in advance (when making the reservation). At Perfect Car Hire we will advise you without obligation and we will prepare your rental vehicle so that your car is as comfortable as possible.

6 rural getaways for the interior of Alicante.

Rural getaways with a rental car

Do you still have no plan for next weekend, your next vacation or this Christmas? Well, here we bring you 6 possible getaways to towns in Alicante that you should not miss. Rent your car at Perfect Car Hire and plan some dream days!

Biar: One of the towns in the interior of Alicante that is worth visiting in autumn. It is located next to large areas of forest where we can do numerous hiking trails of different levels of difficulty. The castle and the access gates to the old walled enclosure are just some of the amazing places to see in and around Biar.

Banyeres de Mariola: A short distance to the northeast of Biar we reach the neighboring town, its urban center is the one located at the highest altitude in Alicante, at about 816 meters above sea level. Its impressive Sierra de Mariola is full of lush vegetation and rural roads full of charm. From its castle some remains of its Islamic origin can be seen. Among the elements that stand out the most we find the Torre del Homenaje, from the Almohad period, built using the tapial technique. One of the curiosities of this castle is that, from the top of its tower, you can see four provinces: Albacete, Murcia, Alicante and Valencia.

Alcoy: On the other side of the Sierra de Mariola Natural Park, to the southeast, we find the city of Alcoy, also popularly known as the city of bridges, due to the numerous viaducts that cross the rugged orography of the urban center.

In Alcoy there is also the Carrascal de la Font Roja Natural Park, especially interesting in autumn due to its chromatic changes in the leaves of the different species of trees in the area.

Its old quarter is worth a leisurely visit, as it is home to numerous modernist buildings and historical sites, especially linked to the economic strength generated in the past by the industries that used the force of water to move their machinery.

Cocentaina: A very short distance northeast of Alcoy we arrive at the place where the popular Fira de Tots Sants is held around November 1. It has a beautiful historic center, of which the Palau Comtal stands out. Likewise, from Cocentaina we can take a hiking route between a leafy forest and various springs, to ascend to the Montcabrer peak (1,390 m), which constitutes the summit of the -mentioned above- Sierra de Mariola.

Lorcha: Its main attraction is the mighty river Serpis. Next to this river we can take a pleasant hiking trail along a greenway through a lush forest. A road that, long ago, was used to connect Alcoy with Gandía through a railway.

Penàguila: Just 16 kilometers from Alcoy we find a charming town where nature is the main protagonist, Penàguila. Peace, tranquility and delicious cuisine are the keys to fully enjoy this inland destination anchored in time. A wonderful enclave surrounded by olive and almond trees.

You can visit the Jardín de Santos, a magical corner to disconnect and forget about time. This garden is surrounded by large trees and is located in the middle of nature. In addition, it has a recreation pavilion. This neoclassical building has a large pond, a forest through which to discover different statues, a viewpoint and a plant maze made up of large hedges.

And if you want to teleport yourself to a safari, all you have to do is come to Safari Aitana, in the heart of the Sierra de Aitana. Elephants, llamas, giraffes, lions… Everything you can imagine! This place is ideal to spend a day with the whole family.

What are you waiting for? Discover our promotions and exceptional prices and rent your car now at Perfect Car Hire to enjoy a few days of nature and relaxation.