Car rental: the key to a perfect trip.

Car rental: the key to a perfect trip

Car rental: the key to a perfect trip.

When the holiday season arrives, the question of whether to rent a car or not has come to mind for more than one of us. What do I do, do I use public transport in the area or do I choose to rent? Will it be cheaper for me? Will I have problems picking it up or delivering it?

At Perfect Car Hire we know that a trip to Spain is always a party, because here there are not only clean and luxurious beaches, but also a unique historical and cultural heritage. Our coast becomes more popular every year and the city of Torrevieja attracts many tourists thanks to its landscapes and attractions. Now you have the perfect excuse to rent a car and ride through the streets of the province of Alicante and enjoy a fantastic climate!

When we undertake a trip or a getaway, we must take into account even the smallest detail, especially when thinking about traveling from the airport to our hotel or apartment, as well as traveling through cities and towns along unknown routes. The main key is not to waste your valuable free time sitting on trains or buses and enjoy the advantages and comforts of a rental car in Alicante.


What are the advantages of renting a car?

At Perfect Car Hire we know the importance of leisure for our clients. Renting a car has multiple advantages, which is why more and more people choose this option as a means of transport to get around their holiday destination. Below, we present the five main advantages of comfortable and safe transport.

Greater comfort during the trip:

Having a car is one of the best options to move at your leisure here and there. The way you like it: with total freedom, without having to depend on schedules or ties. You choose the plan, we put the car!

Perfect Car Hire offers multiple options, adapted to our needs, so that your trip by car, alone or accompanied, is full of comfort. You can choose your rental car among various sizes and features!

And let’s not forget the comfort of a large trunk, especially if you are traveling with children or need space to carry your belongings.

Total independence:

Another advantage of renting a car is that it allows you to enjoy total freedom and independence during your trip. You do not depend on transportation schedules or distance limitations between points of interest, without having to add other travel alternatives to reach your destination.

The safety of controlling the steering wheel and the freedom to make stops or take a detour to improvise an unexpected route are just some of the comforts that car rental will offer you.


At Perfect Car Hire we offer you the possibility of renting a car at Alicante airport, without a deposit and without blocking! That is why our prices are final, and all our rates are with excess or with premium insurance without excess . Also, if you want to change something in your reservation you can make changes for free. If your plans change… We adapt!

It is just a matter of landing and choosing the vehicle to drive to the hotel or apartment where you are staying without the need to order a taxi or take the bus.

The time you spend during transportation when you go on a trip makes a difference!

No maintenance costs:

If you spend a few minutes comparing prices, renting a car can be very cheap. Also, sometimes there are special offers that can lend you a car for just a few euros a day.

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of renting a car at Perfect Car Hire is getting rid of having to cover the maintenance costs that it may require. We take care of our fleet of vehicles to keep them in perfect condition day by day! You can always count on the support and assistance of our company in case of incidents.

Whether for a family vacation, a business trip or a simple excursion, it is important to have a car in optimal conditions, that is safe and comfortable, to fully enjoy our tour. Renting a vehicle at Perfect Car Hire is one of the best options to get around during any journey!

In addition, in the event of a breakdown that prevents you from continuing to drive, Perfect Car Hire puts a replacement vehicle at your disposal at the nearest office.

Do you already have your rental car? With Perfect Car Hire your mobility is solved! Contact us to see the wide range of vehicles and the most relevant locations in the main destinations that we offer. Enjoy visiting the Costa Blanca, our beaches and coves, picturesque villages, lagoons and endless museums. Alicante offers you the best plans with your family, friends or as a couple so that your trip is unique.

Make it unique by renting your car at our branches in Alicante or Torrevieja!

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